Clay tennis court Scarifying / Milling Equipment and Laser-Grading

Vern - the court devil
James (Vern) and Kevin Houghtaling  also known as the Court Resurfacing Legends
Taking advantage of the latest technology in laser-grading and scarifying equipment for tennis courts



Milling / Scarifying the clay court surface - this step prepares the material to be re-used at the high end of the court, versus throwing away good material which can be moved by the laser-tractor to where it's needed.  


Two views of clay surface during milling / scarifying process.  This service needs to be done to help keep the courts algae free, promotes water penetration so courts dry faster after a rain and keeps the courts from being too hard (also getting rid of hard pan).


Depth-Controlled Rotary Milling Machine  - unique to The Court Devil, mills / scarifies the court surface material close to the brick line of the court, and is very effective in removing and killing algae on sub-surface irrigated clay courts


Laser Guided Grading Equipment to re-establish the new court elevation


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